If you are new to homeschooling your child or are looking to start homeschooling, you will probably come across or hear of some of the different styles or types of homeschooling there is. It can get a little confusing, so let’s break down the most popular methods of homeschooling.

Structured Methods of Homeschooling

Classical Homeschooling

Classical homeschooling uses a model where there are three stages of learning. The first stage is building a foundational knowledge that can be built upon as children grow; once that is mastered, it then goes to analytic reasoning where kids will begin to compare and contrast or ask questions.

Those two stages build-up to the third stage, which is where your child combines everything from the previous two stages.

It is typical for Classical homeschooling parents also to set a schedule or a daily routine that is planned out and followed each day for structure.

Interest or Child-Led Homeschool Methods


Unschooling is more interest-led when it comes to learning. There is no set schedule or formal lessons with this type of homeschool method. Instead, children learn more through everyday life experiences as they follow their interests.

While interests are followed and what is being taught is chosen by the students, the educational aspect of it is still guided by the parents, just not chosen. This is too keep the learning interesting and engaging for the child.

Eclectic Homeschooling

Eclectic homeschooling is a combination of multiple homeschool methods, using the resources that work best for their child. You can mix and match different curriculums to cater to the child’s strengths and weaknesses for a better learning experience. Eclectic homeschoolers typically follow the learning style of how the child learns best for that particular subject.

Literature-Based Homeschooling

Unit Studies

Unit studies are becoming more and more popular because it works with many different children. When it comes to Unit Studies, an educational topic is chosen and then incorporated into all subjects (history, math, language, etc.).  

Unit curriculums can be purchased online, or homeschool parents can create their curriculum. Typically, a list of goals that you want your child to achieve with each unit study. You can keep track of the progress as you complete the units.

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Charlotte Mason

The Charlotte Mason style uses “living books” rather than textbooks, and the emphasis is on using high-quality literature to teach children. With this method, narrative literature is often used in large amounts, and there is a lot of outdoor exploring, transcribing or copy work, and an appreciation for music, nature, and art.

When you first start with the Charlotte Mason method, short lessons are recommended, and then as time goes on, the lessons are slowly increased as children get older and more advanced.

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Hands-On Homeschool Method


With the Montessori approach, creativity and curiosity are encouraged when it comes to learning. Hands-on learning is an excellent method of the Montessori approach giving children the freedom to choose their learning activities.

It is also recommended that children work at their own pace through self-disciplined learning in a prepared learning environment.

Which method of homeschooling will your family use?

Use this as a recap of some of the most popular types of homeschooling. Before you start a particular style, you can do more research to see if it will be a fit. It is not uncommon for homeschool families to try a few before they choose one that works best.

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