How do you feel about planning out your kiddo’s homeschooling? Excited, overwhelmed, clueless? Are you new to homeschooling and have no idea where to start? Are you looking to change some things around this coming year? Planning is fun for some but how about you? You may love that organizing time, but for some folks, well, they would rather get a tooth pulled!

4 Tips to Make Your Homeschool Planning Easier.

This post will help you wherever you find yourself! It includes four solid tips to make your homeschool planning easier! Yep, easier! It covers the basics of homeschool planning – how many planners to use and if you have multiple children how many to one planner; how to implement the curriculum and subjects in your planner with a link to a post on Scope & Sequence; advice on how far in advance to plan and things to consider like 4-day school weeks and including your “normal” life into your planner; plus, tips on how to deal with changes in the curriculum (it happens!). Also listed are some favorite planners just to get you started!

Hop on over to Jen Dodrill History at Home for 4 Tips to Make Your Homeschool Planning Easier.

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